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Pasta and Wine

La Vita

Step into our family run restaurant where we embody the essence of Italian hospitality and authentic food at La Vita in Blandford Forum, where a taste of the Mediterranean awaits.
A symphony of authenticity and charm, our restaurant is a sanctuary for those seeking the true essence of Italian cuisine.

From the moment you enter, be embraced by the rustic yet elegant ambiance that captures the spirit of Italy.
Warm earthy tones, rustic wooden accents, and soft, ambient lighting create an atmosphere that invites you to unwind and savour the moments.

Italian Meal

At La Vita, our menu is a culinary voyage through Italy's diverse regions, each dish a tribute to its unique flavors and traditions. Indulge in the comfort of handmade pasta dishes, skillfully prepared by our passionate chefs, or savor the aroma of wood-fired pizzas, reminiscent of the streets of Naples. From the bold, robust flavors of the south to the delicate, nuanced tastes of the north, every bite tells a story of Italy's rich culinary heritage. Complementing our exquisite dishes is a thoughtfully curated selection of Italian wines, handpicked to elevate your dining experience.


Whether you seek a velvety red or a crisp white, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding you toward the perfect pairing for your meal.We believe in more than just exceptional food and wine – we believe in creating cherished moments.

Whether you're gathering with loved ones, enjoying an intimate dinner, or celebrating a special occasion, our attentive team is committed to ensuring that your time with us is filled with warmth, joy, and delicious memories.

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